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Soccer Practice

Coaching Workshop

Our FREE 2 hour workshop is ideal for new, and limited experience coaches or for those who would like to start their coaching journey but don't know what to expect. Our courses will give you an insight into coaching and help build confidence in yourself to grow as a coach. The workshop consists of;

1 hour classroom session 

  • An introduction by the instructor

  • Principles of coaching - Long and short term aims, Team tactics, Planning sessions to suit tactics, Team formations etc

  • Coaching techniques - Safeguarding and welfare of players, Coaching terminology, Using player interventions, Creating a positive playing atmosphere

  • Session Planning - Establishing how and why session plans are written and understanding how to deliver them effectively

  • Reflection - Evaluating a session you have delivered to determine its impact and identify any improvements that could be made in the future

  • The application and benefits of data analysis in the modern game, how to use data in your coaching sessions

30 minute practical session

Our instructor will then deliver a practical session based on all the information provided in the classroom, this will allow participants to witness how a session plan is delivered and the use of coaching techniques within the session

30 minute reflection session

Following the practical demonstration we will return to the classroom to evaluate the session and and take part in a Q&A where your instructor will answer any questions you have about the course or coaching in general


Coach Mentoring

Pep Guardiola once said "A good coach sees in you what you can't see in yourself" this is true of mentoring too! Sometimes all you need is some reassurance and a bit of guidance. Struggling to get across your vision to your team?, Not sure why your tactics aren't effective? Our coach mentoring service offers a customised approach that is tailored to your specific needs. i-Kew provide personalised guidance and support to help you achieve your goals, no matter what challenges you may face in the modern sporting game


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